Disco Bingo

Combine Amsterdam’s MikeyNice, with his energetic moves and endless charm, with an interactive game of Bingo and an instant hit is created. Within a few month’s after MikeyNice & friends came up with the concept of Disco Bingo, they where playing at almost every festival in the Netherlands and even did some hostings abroad. Hosting stages at festivals like Mysteryland, Solar and Open Air or playing at clubs like The Chicago Social Club and Paradiso, Disco Bingo proves to be a real partystarter and a fun addition to every party.

How it works? I’t all about fun, playing games, being yourself. With MikeyNice behind the deck playing all the classics and hits, the crowd is handed a bingo card with track titles and artist names. With support of the MC a round of bingo is started and all players dance to the music and try to figure out which track is played, it’s an instant party for every age. The only rule while playing is no Shazam, but feel free to join forces with other player or spy on your competition. The first player that has the required number of track in the right order wins one of the fun and crazy prices of the Disco Bingo and is covered in confetti. Each round has a minimum of 3 winners and takes a maximum of 1 hour. But be aware, if you hand in a false bingo, be prepared to be called on stage to sing a song or tell a joke.

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